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About Saperium

Where do great things come from? It’s not about great companies; it’s not about great organizations. It’s about people doing extraordinary things.

Saperium is an elite software company aimed to revolutionize I.T. outsourcing in the Philippines. The team is headed by John Lauer, (http://www.linkedin.com/in/lauerjohn) a former senior executive of Microsoft Corporation.

During his tenure as Regional Director of South East Asia and later Vice President of Asia Pacific, he was responsible for Microsoft’s overall operations in ten (10) countries.

He has an excellent grasp on the state of the software industry both locally and abroad, and is poised to push boundaries to expand the Philippines’ potential.

The word Saperium is derived from the Latin sapere aude which means “Dare to be wise!” Our company is all about extraordinary individuals who love technology and want to use their talents to break away from the pack and do great things.